The Leader's Path
The road is long, the way unsure,
Yet still, I forge ahead each day.
With purpose strong and vision pure
I guide my team along the way

The Leader’s Path is an exciting exploration of leadership themes from the poet’s perspective. John Baldoni applied third-generation AI technology to produce poems from his published works, some 16 books and nearly 1000 articles.

As creative director, Baldoni uses AI to execute his poetic concepts. This effort is his way of bringing his work to a wider audience, those who have yet to encounter his lessons in leadership.

The result is a collection of poems about what it takes to lead with heart and courage as well as humor and grace.
The Leader’s Path is easy to read as well as uplifting.

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Advance praise...
Leadership is the art of expressing love and care for people in different forms. Think deeply while reading these poems and they will get to the bottom of your heart. The Leader's Path will make you better.

Dr. Oleg Konovalov, the da Vinci of visionary leadership, author of The Fisherman’s Path to Leadership andThe Vision Code

Embark on a poetic leadership journey in John Baldoni’s latest book, The Leader’s Path. Explore themes of purpose, teamwork, community, laughter, resilience, and leadership as you navigate the intricacies of the leader's journey. Whether you're a seasoned executive or an aspiring leader, this anthology offers timeless lessons on leading with authenticity, empathy, courage, and grace.
Jenny Fernandez, MBA Leadership and Branding Coach, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and NYU

John Baldoni has created an offering of grace and empathy. It is inspiring to see him using artificial intelligence as a tool to empower readers and catalyze creativity. These poems are a breath of fresh air for those of us pursuing leadership and creative professions. 
Emily Falvey, Nashville singer-songwriter 

John Baldoni is innovating in a new e-space.  By using AI to mine the nuggets of his work, Baldoni applies his coaching lessons in a new form.  Poetry is simple and powerful, offering nurturing benefits for us all. 
Grace Ueng, Founder and CEO, Savvy Growth


You are welcome to try your own hand at writing poetry. Visit the Baldoni ChatBot homepage. (You may also use the ChatBot as a self-coaching tool to answer your questions about management issues and leadership challenges.)


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